CONGRATS to Marty Engquist for being a 2023 Volunteer Activist Honoree

Congratulations to Marty Engquist, Dream Day Foundation Board President, for being honored as a 2023 Baton Rouge Area Volunteer Activist by Emerge. She was honored at their November 9, 2023 Emerge Center Volunteer Activists Luncheon where the spotlight was shown on her work and volunteerism with Dream Day Foundation and other important area organizations in the Baton Rouge.

Biography of Marty Engquist featuring her photo and accomplishments. Marty, married to John Engquist, has six grandchildren and two sons. A dedicated volunteer activist, she fought leukemia, supports St. Jude, and founded Winter Smiles. She also joined The Lady of the Lake Foundation Board in 2021.
A collage with the title "What has volunteering taught you?" On the left, a quote about the impact of teamwork in volunteering, above an image of a volunteer near supplies and a plane. On the right, an account of 2023 Volunteer Activist Honoree Marty Engquist’s pride in raising funds, with photos of people and a child.