Dream Day Foundation has been supporting the lifesaving efforts of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through fundraising, advocacy, and special events in order to enhance the quality of life for patients and their families since 1994.  Our foundation accomplishes this mission by both hosting Fishin’ Galore, our Annual Program which directly benefits St. Jude patients, and by leveraging funds through contributions to ALSAC, St. Jude’s national fundraising and awareness organization.

Fishin’ Galore began with a generous and compassionate Baton Rouge native who wanted to fulfill a bedside promise to a St. Jude patient.  That promise was realized when Danny, then 11 years old, caught the biggest fish of his young life at a property in Clinton located in East Feliciana.  Now, 27 years later, Danny is 38 years old, married with children and a life bursting with achievements. The property in Clinton remains the site of our program and boasts more than 800 St. Jude patient family members who are able to breathe in the outdoors, share their stories, spend time with one another and create memories to last a lifetime.

Fishin’ Galore is a program that is whatever a St. Jude patient family wants it to be for their family.  One family may choose to have their day filled with outdoor activities such as fishing, archery and skeet shooting. Another family may choose to have their day consumed with arts and crafts projects such as hat decorating, painting and planting flower pots. A third family may choose to have a relaxing picnic and socialize with other families as the stress-free day passes.  The program is not rigid and allows individuals to experience the day in their own unique way.  This allows patient families to create joyful experiences and renew their individual well-being on their own terms.

Current Board Members

Martha Engquist, Board President
Todd Weishar, Board Vice-President
Ryan Engquist, Board Secretary & Treasurer
Carl Dabadie, Member
Tessa Holloway, Member
Jordan Duhe’, Member
Taylor Dunne, Member
Jackie Walker, Member


Tiffany Mansur Graves, Executive Director